Bridging the gap from Home or Acute Hospital Care to Skilled Nursing and Long Term Care Facilities

Coordinating Medical, Nursing and Therapy Services for Patients and Their Families

  • About

    Health Care Providers has over 25 years of Medical Directorship experience in addition to managing, treating and caring for patients in Skilled Nursing Facilities, Long Term Care Facilities, and Assisted Living Centers. Over the years, we have built strong relationships with referring physicians, hospitals and hospice services.

    Our physicians and nurse practitioners always put the patient and their family first, allowing us to develop meaningful relationships thereby ensuring trust and commitment to valued medical care.

  • Dr. James Demidovich

JAMES C. DEMIDOVICH, D.O.Founder & Medical Director
Member: American Geriatrics Society,  AMDA – The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine

gEHRimed EHR by Health Care ProvidersEHR

Health Care Providers utilizes a stage 2-certified EHR by gEHRiMed

  • The Leading Provider of EHR

    Geriatric Practice Management, LLC (GPM) is a software solution and services company devoted to the support of Long Term/Post-Acute Care (LTPAC) medical practices. Our focus on solving LTPAC’s unique problems has made us the market’s leading provider of medical EHR solutions. GPM serves more than 6,100 users, covering over 8,000 facilities and reports more than 3 million encounters annually.

  • Fault-Tolerant & HIPAA Compliant

    gEHRiMed is the first stage ONC-Certified EHR designed exclusively for LTPAC practitioners, by LTPAC practitioners. Our software is a fault-tolerant, cloud-based, web service which is 100% paperless. It incorporates -end-to-end HIPAA compliant security that prevents unintended PHI exposure. Practitioners can capture an encounter using menu selections, macros, speech recognition, transcription services, and typing.

  • Real-Time Data & Multi-Location

    The cloud-based software helps reduce errors to deliver more accurate clinical assessments, all while increasing physician productivity. By coupling real-time data capture with custom practice management tools, gEHRiMed simplifies the workflow for the multi-provider, multi-location practice.

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